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What is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship means that you and your partner are able to communicate effectively. Being able to ensure you both want the same things, and are able to speak openly with each other is key.

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The following are some key aspects of a healthy relationship:

  • Open and honest communication 

  • It’s okay to disagree and hold different opinions

  • It okay to argue but not okay to feel afraid during the argument 

  • Allows for individuality and individuality is celebrated within the relationship 

  • Emphasis is placed on bringing out a partner’s best qualities 

  • Achievements are celebrated 

  • Financial independence 

  • Shared decision making 

  • Welcomes affection and closeness


  • Your sexual relationship is safe and you do not feel forced, coerced or unduly influencedinto engaging in sexual activities that you do not feel comfortable about.

  • You have access to birth control and sexual health services

  • You have access to other health and mental health services

  • You are not being forced, coerced or unduly influenced into using illegal substances, alcohol or criminal behaviour

  • Accepts the limitation of themselves and their partner 

  • Accepts endings and understands when you say no 

  • Find pleasure in giving without expecting a return on the gift 

  • Acknowledgment of own behaviour and does not blame their partner for their reaction or their behaviour. 

  • Trust’s the memory of the their partner


  • Does not check mobile phones, messages or emails 

  • Encourages relationships with family members and friends 

  • Encourages hobbies and sport activities 

  • Does not discourage your freedom of choice when it comes to getting dressed or wearing make-up for example 

  • Shows commitment to the relationship

  • Does not cheat on you or have multiple partners i.e. still using dating sites 

  • Does not play mind games 

  • Believes in equality

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